Examples of services provided:

Let us know what you need and we’ll suggest a bespoke scheme for you.

One-off tasks / emergency trouble-shooting.

These will be subject to an hourly rate of £60*, minimum two hours (payable in advance)

Self-editable website: £275 – inc 12 months hosting/email services.

Basic 5 page WordPress Website from text & images you provide, you can then edit & add pages/plugins but we strongly recommend you combine this with one of the following ongoing support packages.

Bare Necessities: £75 a month* – minimum six months.

E.g for an existing WordPress Website

  1. Subscription to WordFence Premium security (discussion and removal of flagged/unmaintained plug-ins)
  2. Monitoring and updating of core, plug-ins and themes
  3. Monthly backups of data (automated, subject to suitable facilities available on your hosting)
  4. Monthly Search Engine position reports on up to 100 (keyphrases x search engines)

Aiming to Grow: £150 a month* – minimum six months

As above plus

  1. Set-up and monitoring of Google Analytics.
  2. Two hours SEO analysis, guidance and discussion each month.
  3. Upgrade monthly SE Position Reports to total of 400 (keyphrases x search engines)

Above and Beyond: £50 an hour* – as required

[price applies when this tops-up a monthly contract]

  1. Dealing with issues that arise (when requested)
  2. Carrying out more in-depth analysis and suggesting improvements (when requested).
  3. Investigating hosting or issues with website outside of WordPress (when requested).
  4. Training sessions can be provided to improve a business owner’s knowledge in areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, website useability, Google analytics etc.

General Terms

If we require/are requested to travel to meetings, mileage to & from will be charged at 45p a mile as well as hours spent on site.

Two months notice is requested for any reduction or cancellation to services after first four months.


Any referrals you provide that sign-up for our services will result in a reduction in your monthly bills (to no less than £15*) equivalent to 1/3 of their spend for each of months 3 to 5 inclusive and optionally more months depending on relative spends.

* At present we are not VAT registered – should this change the above fees will be increased by the prevailing VAT rate.