What are search engine Rankings?

The position your website appears within a search engine’s results for a given key-phrase is referred to as its ranking. This can be different depending on many factors, including what country the person searching is located in, what device (desktop/tablet/mobile) they are using, and how well optimised your website is for that key-phrase.

What are Organic search results

(v Places, PPC, Shopping, Images, Video etc)

Google (and other search engines’) results pages contain results from a variety of sources. Organic results (typically 10 a page) are organised by the analytical algorithms that the search engine employs, and do not cost the website owner anything once somebody clicks on a result. Improving a website’s positioning for the key-phrases that are relevant (i.e. people are likely to search for) to their business is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation. Typically the majority of visitors (sometimes as high as 95%) to your site will find it through organic results.

How can I monitor my rankings?

Either by manually checking each key-phrase in each search engine of interest once a month and filling in the results (e.g. on a spreadsheet) or by signing up for our Search Engine ranking reports service.

If the SEO work stops do my results disappear?

Not straight away. If the SEO work has been done properly then you are likely to see a gradual decline over many months, unless you are in a position to continue carrying out the nuts and bolts of the work – however things do change in the SEO world so you may gradually drop behind if you’re not continuing to benefit from the detailed knowledge and analytical skills of an SEO specialist.

Do you guarantee results?

No – as we (in common with all SEO specialists) do not know, nor can influence, the details of how the search engine algorithms are constructed, it is not possible to offer guarantees. However, once we have had an opportunity to discuss what should be possible, likely time-scales, and the work that goes into achieving results, you should have a set of realistic expectations on which to base your decision whether you wish us to carry out ongoing SEO work for you. In most cases this will also entail you carrying out some aspects of the work under our guidance – where you, with the specialist knowledge of your business, would be the best person to do this.