This page lists what personal data we hold, where it is held, and how it is used. If third parties provide or have access to this data they are identified along with links to their privacy/GDPR policy.

  1. For customers who have entered into a contract with us, including one-off assistance.

  2. For visitors to our website.

  3. For people who have sent email enquiries to us.

You may find that one or more of the above categories apply to you.

We will never sell or share your personal data with any other organisation or person, except as stated in this page. In the event that the SEOTroubleShooter business is transferred to new owners, the personal data will form part of the sale of the business.

If legal, accounting or statutory government (eg HMRC) organisations request it, we may have to release some or all of your personal data to a suitably authorised organisation.

In the normal course of business, some personal details (e.g. as shown on invoices) may be shared temporarily with our book-keepers, Buzz Business Services whose website is This is achieved using a shared DropBox folder. DropBox’s privacy policy can be found at

  1. Customers: When you contract us to perform services for you, your details (for billing purposes, and to record and progress the conversations and correspondence between us) will be retained on computer and otherwise. When we cease to provide you with services, these details may be retained for up to five years to allow them to be referenced for accounting purposes. We may from time-to-time contact you to check whether you have any new requirements or to alert you to important security information.

    Our email service and website are hosted in the UK by TSOHOST, part of Paragon Internet Group, whose privacy policy can be found at


  2. Visitors to our website, if they choose to allow/accept Cookies in their browser (please consult the help files for your specific browser for more information on this), will be exposed to the following services that may collect personally identifiable data in the form of the IP address they are using at the time, which may or may not uniquely identify them.

    [Not currently active] Google analytics cookies & tracking: (see for their privacy and other policies).
    We do not send any personally identifiable user data embedded in the URLs of our site to Google, but they may track the IP number of your connection if you allow tracking and/or Cookies in your browser. To mitigate this we have activated the IP Anonymisation feature as provided by Google. Any granular data that is collected by Google Analytics will be deleted automatically by them after 14 months (the shortest option offered by Google at the present time).


  3. Email enquiries:
    When you make an enquiry via our contact-us website form, all the details you enter pass through our servers which are operated in the UK by TSOHOST, part of Paragon Internet Group, whose privacy policy can be found at

    Emails received and sent by us are stored on computers at our registered company address, as well as on backup media at the same location. Our inbound and outbound email service is provided in the UK by TSOHOST, part of Paragon Internet Group, whose privacy policy can be found at

Data storage disposal:
Our company policy is such that should any of the storage media containing personal data cease to be used for this purpose, or become unusable due to failure, they will be wiped or destroyed in accordance with GDPR standards (by or a similarly qualified contractor).

If you require any more information, or require details of the data we hold on you, or wish us to delete data that we hold on you, or wish us to cease contacting you after your contract has ceased, then please initially email You will usually receive an acknowledgement within two (2) working days (Monday to Friday), however as email is not a guaranteed delivery medium, you may alternatively contact us via the postal service (allowing you to utilise a recorded delivery/signed-for service) to our registered partnership address:- TheShorts LLP t/a SEOTroubleShooter, fao Mr J Short, 9 Claire Gardens, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0JH

This page was last updated 25th June 2018.